Recommended Astronomy Software & Apps

 Charting, Planning & Observing 

Mobile Apps

  • AstroPanel (Android): Easy to read astronomy weather forecast
  • Clear Outside (Android, iOS ): Detailed cloud cover/seeing forecast
  • Deep Sky(Android): Guide for constellations and Messier objects
  • DSO Planner (Android): Excellent observation planning and star charting tool
  • Heavens Above (Android): Track the ISS and other satellites
  • ISS Detector (Android, iOS): Find out when the ISS will be overhead
  • Moon 3D (Android): Moon phases for every night of the month
  • Moon Globe (Android, iOS): Detailed moon simulation
  • Night Sky (iOS): Point and see planetarium
  • Night Sky Tools (Android): Huge collection of astronomy tools
  • SkEye (Android): Point & see planetarium app and telescope push-to control
  • SkyOrb (iOs): Collection of astronomy tools
  • SkyPortal (Android, iOS): Planetarium and Celestron scope control
  • SkyView (Android, iOS): Point and see planetarium
  • S&T SkyWeek (Android, iOS): Mobile version of "This Week's Sky at a Glance"

Planetary Imaging 

  • FireCapture: Free planetary image capture software
  • SharpCap: Free, easy-to-use webcam and astronomy camera capture tool
  • AutoStakkert!2: Free planetary image processing software
  • Registax: Free image stacker, use the wavelets tool for sharpening your planetary image after stacking in AS!

 Deep Sky Imaging