November 2018 Looking Up: Astronomy Events Calendar

A monthly roundup of upcoming astronomy events viewable in MA/RI…

Dated events
Nov 10-11: Saturn-Moon pairing, southwest, dusk
Nov 10-12: North Taurid meteor shower peak (after midnight)
Nov 14-16: Moon-Mars pairing, south, evenings
Nov 16-17: Leonid meteor shower peak (pre-dawn)

Where to find the planets
• Mercury: Not likely observable
• Venus: Brilliant early morning object
• Mars: Brilliant evening object, south
• Jupiter: Not likely observable
• Saturn: Early evening, low in south
• Uranus: Evenings, in Aries
• Neptune: Evenings, in Aquarius

Notable comets
• 46P/Wirtanen: Fairly high later in month around 10 pm, in Cetus, brightening from mag 5.9:[url=]Finder chart[/url]
• 64P/Swift-Gehrels: High in Andromeda around 11 pm, mag 9.7 and fading: Finder chart
• See additional comets for larger scopes and mornings here

Observable dwarf planets/asteroids up to mag 10
Approx. observing window as of Nov. 10. Click here for your current date & finder chart for exact times.
• 3 Juno, in Eridanus, mag 7.5, 8 pm to 4 am
• 6 Hebe, in Monoceros, mag 9.1, 11 pm-5 am

Selected deep sky objects
Well placed for evening observing with binos/small scopes. Does not include circumpolar! Set your exact date/location here (and see additional DSO’s)
• Open clusters: IC4665, NGC6633, IC4756
• Globular clusters: M2, M13, M15, M92
• Galaxies: M31, M32, M33, M110

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