2018 Leonids

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2018 Leonids

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Not much to report, encroaching clouds cancelled the planned 9:30 imaging and meteor watching. Got up at 2:30 AM and went out to clear skies. The Moon had set, Leo was overhead and Praesepe - M 44, was an easy visual object. Judging by Sirius and the brighter stars in Orion the atmosphere was very unsettled. Didn't bother setting up the scope but stayed out for a while looking for Leonids- saw 2 that were so faint they were almost missed, nothing else. Tried again just before dawn and saw nothing, although the sky was quite milky by then. Well, some years the Leonids are great, other years not so much...
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Re: 2018 Leonids

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Oh well, at least you got out there and looked!
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