Astronomers' Night at Moose Hill

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Astronomers' Night at Moose Hill

Unread post by Stargrrl » Sun Sep 25, 2016 9:24 am

Saturday 9/24 we had an "astronomers only" night at Moose Hill. Me, Andy G, local astronomer Vaughn, and a new meetup member (with a new scope) Glen set up on the field. So we had 100 x 30 astro binos, a 8" dob, an 8" go-to SCT, and a 14" obsession dob. The sky was clear from 8 pm on, no moon, and we stayed out until nearly midnight. The horizon up to 30-40 was mucky but above that we had good transparency. So we started by looking at things like the Double Cluster, Andromeda galaxy (and its satellite galaxies, M31 and M32), M13 in Hercules, and the Great Pegasus Cluster (M15). (Saturn and Mars were already in the trees).

Then we checked our charts and moved on to finding stuff that some of us hadn't seen before - working as a group to star hop and then see how things looked in the different scopes. These included M30, a globular cluster in Capricorn; NGC 1245 (OC) and NGC 1023 (Glx) in Perseus - both quite faint; NGC 6210 in Hercules, a surprisingly green planetary nebula; and the challenge of the Blue Snowball, NGC 7662 in Andromeda (just over the line from Lacerta). Not terribly blue last night but definitely snowball-like and not pure white, particularly in the 14" dob. Meanwhile in binos, I did M21 in Hercules (OC); M34 in Persesus, an open cluster particularly suited to binos due to its wide field; and as the evening closed, the rising Pleiades.

Thanks to everyone who came out for such a nice night! Rebekah
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Re: Astronomers' Night at Moose Hill

Unread post by Pete » Mon Sep 26, 2016 10:52 am

That's the most fun Rebekah - searching for stuff as a group. Thanks for the posting.

Pete P.
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Re: Astronomers' Night at Moose Hill

Unread post by Paul D » Mon Sep 26, 2016 12:07 pm

Great report, Maybe someday I will actually be able to make one of the Moosehill outreaches. Sounds like a fun time with a fair amount of dark skies.

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Re: Astronomers' Night at Moose Hill

Unread post by mrgizmo65 » Mon Oct 03, 2016 10:18 am

That sounds like a fun way of participating and at the same time learning where and how to look for deep sky objects.
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