2022 Astronomy Events: Resources to Plan Your Nights

Specific upcoming events: comets, meteors, supernovae, eclipses, etc.
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2022 Astronomy Events: Resources to Plan Your Nights

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Planning Ahead for Observing: Astronomy Events for 2022 (note: information may change at short notice due to pandemic, always call ahead and check websites)

Where to find information on the moon, planets, comets, deep sky objects, and special happenings each month and throughout 2020. Many of these sites allow you to set the current location, date, and time so you can plan your observing sessions in advance or find a public observing night to see what's up!

Sun & Moon
Sunset and astronomical twilight: Set location, scroll down for daily information. True darkness occurs after astronomical twilight.
Moon rise and set: Crucial to determine if you can see "faint fuzzies" or mainly the moon!

Nightly Events & Planets
• Dated events & interesting things to look at each night of the year on EarthSky Tonight
• Where to find the planets each month: Guide to the Bright Planets . For simple rise/set times, try Interactive Night Sky Map.

Comets & Asteroids
Currently visible comets: From naked eye to large scopes, with finder charts
Currently observable dwarf planets: Set your time, date, and location to hunt asteroids

Deep Sky Objects & Satellites
Currently observable deep sky objects: Set your time, date, and location to find out what galaxies, open clusters, globular clusters are up
• Upcoming International Space Station (ISS) passes: Set for Rehoboth or Set your location. Other satellite information is available on this site as well.

Eclipses, Meteor Showers, & Transits
Solar and lunar eclipses: Including where they are visible
• Meteor showers: calendar #1 and calendar #2

Other useful resources for observing planning
Skymaps: Monthly sky calendar of events and constellation map (view online and download)
Clear Sky Charts to check cloud conditions at many local observing locations
Meteo Blue astronomical seeing forecast, set for your location
ASSNE Meetup Page (all public events): http://www.meetup.com/ASSNE-MA-RI
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