A quickie before the moon takes over....

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A quickie before the moon takes over....

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Sunday, 11 Dec 2011

It’s been a crisp clear day and the forecast is for clear steady sky tonight. The full moon will be just rising as darkness falls, so in the hope that there’ll be an hour or two of workable sky I’m out running flats and darks in the late afternoon. I’d identified 3 asteroids for observation, and my plan was to start at 17:30 and end by a bit after 19:00 hrs.

What with various calibrations I didn’t start imaging until a bit after 18:00, and by then it was down to 29°F.

2011 UU106 is a 1.2km sized Apollo now .3AU distant and 18.5 magnitude. Movement is 1.5’/hr. Uncertainty level is 2. Imaged from 18:13 – 18:35 hrs at 2 min, 2X2, -35C, 2 Hz. Frames 1, 4 & 7 show dRA = -0.3’ and dDEC = +0.5’.

37336 (2001 RM) is a 5km sized main belt asteroid now .8 AU distant and 17.6 mag. Uncertainty level is 0. Movement is 2.3’/hr. Imaged from 18:48 – 19:15 hrs at 2 min, 2X2, -35C, 10 Hz. Frames 1, 4 & 8 show dRA and dDEC = +0.1’

7358 Oze is a 7.9 km sized Amor shining at 16.4 mag. Uncertainty level is 0 but RMS residual is 0.51. Movement is 3’/hr. Imaging started at 19:27 hrs at 1 min, 2X2, -35C, 2 Hz. Frames 1, 4 & 7 show dRA and dDEC both are zero.

That’s it. The moon’s up and there are no super critical objects on the critical list for this hour. I’m in by 19:45 and the data has been sent to the MPC within a few minutes and accepted a few minutes later. It was a short night, but useful in that I need to get hardened to the cold.

hgp 10:48 hrs, 12 Dec 2011
Pete P.
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Re: A quickie before the moon takes over....

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Good report, Pete! I was out at about the same time and duration
as you, set up in the shadow of my house from the Moon.
I wanted to get some images of Jupiter with the Sony of an interesting
satellite configuration as well as the GRS.
It was actually pleasent out with no real wind and steady atmosphere.
I'm itching for a darker sky! Don't worry, the Moon's phase is heading in the
right direction.

Bill G.
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