Saturday morning 3pm WOW

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Saturday morning 3pm WOW

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Hey every one . I got up for some reason,Oh yea my darn dog barking away to go out side . I am glad she woke me up. The sky is amazing right now. Orion is up and i pulled out the bino's. No cool down time and orion is crisper than i think i have ever seen around my area.. If your up go outside and check it out.

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Re: Saturday morning 3pm WOW

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Pure serendipity, Lou! I don't own a dog, but as Bruce once commented, I'm always up in the 'wee-wee' hours of the morning. :roll: Usually, it is the best sky of the night, with calm winds and most everybody finally turning off their lights. It's as good as it gets, and I'm glad you saw it today. My chase of Comet Hartley has had me out often recently near dawn, and it never disappoints.
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