Good starter scope?

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Good starter scope?

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Hello! I have some students that have asked me for recommendations for a good first telescope to buy. Their budget is around $200. Does anyone have some advice I can pass along for them?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Good starter scope?

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Debbie, What a timely request. Just so happens that this discussion is going on right now on this website. Go back to the ASSNE home page and select "Galieo's Gabfest" and open the thread "Beginner Telescope Suggestions". After you have read this thread then ask any questions on the thread you wish.

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Re: Good starter scope?

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Hi Fire, I figured the price range would be a real difficulty but a quick search for scopes under $250 brought up several options. My eye caught the celestron 127 powerseeker. ... _BwE&smp=y

5" aperture would be decent light gathering. The 1000mm focal length would give 50x with the included 20mm eyepiece. The other 4mm eyepiece would probably be somewhat optimistic except maybe on the very best of nights, but the 20mm EP with the included 3x Barlow would yield a satisfying (and realistic for a 5"scope) 150x. $149 at B&H photo would leave a few bucks for a book, star charts and a red flashlight. I don't have personal experience with the scope and I'm sure the optics aren't on par with celestrons more expensive scopes but they are a decent "B" level company and this scope might warrant some consideration. The equatorial mount has a bit of a learning curve most students will master fairly quick. Someone with mechanical aversion might be more comfortable with a small dob mount, I think Orion has a 4.5 inch dob near the budget mark.
Bruce D
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