One of the best accessory purchases I've ever made.

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Re: One of the best accessory purchases I've ever made.

Unread post by Apollo XX » Fri Feb 03, 2017 3:32 pm

[quote="Bruce D"]Yuh Mike, from the article it looks like the only reason they had to develop a completely different focuser for the 125 is because they forgot to drill the hole in the back plate- can it be that simple? [quote]

It is that simple. They didn't forget to drill a hole, it's just that on the 90 it uses one of the visual back screws. With the 125 you're just going to use a sheet metal screw to hold the focuser motor to the visual back.

I didn't have to grind a flat on the shaft as it seems to hold the gear just fine, but I had to make a slot in the plastic adapter to get access to the screw that holds the gear on. Took about 30 seconds with a Dremel tool.
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Re: One of the best accessory purchases I've ever made.

Unread post by mrgizmo65 » Fri Feb 03, 2017 7:50 pm

Mike,Bruce,the. mod Isaw the entire back,with the flip mirror. was removed, then the rod was unscrewed and the rod. removed.The plastic housing is used to trace the outline onto. a 3/8thspiece of wood.Then the wood is cut along the out line then a hole is opened for the focuser and the block us mounded to the back of the. scope.I have searched allover the place to find it.I do remember there was company that did. make an aluminum casting to do the job of the piece of wood.
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