Visual (gasp!) observing at Wishing Star

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Visual (gasp!) observing at Wishing Star

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Monday, October 19, 2009

This is a quickie tonight – only a couple of hours. But the sky’s so clear and still (and moonless) that I can’t resist. The cameras are off of the 14â€
Pete P.
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Nice report, Pete, and congratulations on getting out there.

I love the Veil through an O-III filter, and have also found it to be the best choice. At Mark's house a couple of years ago, we could see whorls and tendrils along the Waterfall (I think that's 6992). That is, when we could peel Matt P off my telescope for a few seconds. :P The remaining major Veil segment, Pickering's Wedge (in the middle) I have only seen at Stellafane and faintly at MSSF (Joe B, was that in your 12"?).

Stephan's Quintet is tough, so don't be too hard on yourself. I've only seen all five galaxies at Stellafane (or maybe it was Arunah...)

Glad that you and Rich had a nice evening.
Bob M
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Thanks for posting your adventure Pete. I noticed it was an exceptional night and wished I could observe. This isn't the first time I've had to observe through your observations! :) Nice report!!

Bill G.
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Pete it sounds like you and Rich had a perfect evening!
Bruce D
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Sounds like you had a good nite Pete.Thanks for the report.

Bob, we did see pickerings wedge at Mssf through my 12",and it was ever so faint.

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