NGC 3501 and NGC 3507 Spiral Galaxies

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NGC 3501 and NGC 3507 Spiral Galaxies

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Last night I was able to get out and image NGC 3501 & NGC 3507 galaxies in Leo. Leo is situated ideally for imaging since it is low in the East at twilight. Both are spiral galaxies but NGC 3501 is edge-on while NGC 3507 is face-on.

I was able to acquire 130 images (2 minute subs, -20C, binned 1x1, gain 100) with 11 inch SCT and ZWO ASI2600 OSC camera. I used 0.7 focal reducer. Guiding was done using SV90 refractor and ZWO ASI290 camera and PHD2. Guiding was good all night since the winds finally died down.

Processing was done with PixInsight using mostly basic processes.

NGC 3507 appears to have two cores, but one is actually a star that is in front of the galaxy. More details are available on my website ""

NGC3501-NGC3507.jpg (1.45 MiB) Viewed 22470 times
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