The Great Red Spot says "Hi"

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The Great Red Spot says "Hi"

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Perhaps you've heard
Jupiter has a Great Red Spot
A swirling hurricane that rotates around the planet every 9 hours and 56 minutes, approximately
On this particular date, November 3rd, 2022, this feature was centered directly on the meridian at 10:10pm EDT
This is the exact time that I shot this video
I used a ZWO ASI290mc webcam on a Celestron 11" SCT with a 2x Barlow
5000 frames were captured which took about three minutes
Capture-time was limited because Jupiter rotates so fast, and things become smeared
I have not learned how to use de-rotation software yet, but that would've yielded better results
For the time being, get out of your chair and look at this image from 10+ feet away
Try it!!
Autostakkert was used to select the best 15% (750) frames, which were aligned and stacked
Some sharpening in Registax 6 and clean-up in Photoshop
Planet Earth is shown to scale

Jupiter and Red Spot with Earth Comparison copy.jpg
Jupiter and Red Spot with Earth Comparison copy.jpg (183 KiB) Viewed 107 times
Steve L
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Re: The Great Red Spot says "Hi"

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Nice shot of Jupiter, and I really enjoyed your write-up.

I have viewed Jupiter many times with different scopes. I can always see the latitude bands, but have difficulty seeing the Red Spot.

Roger M.
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Re: The Great Red Spot says "Hi"

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That is a really nice image, Steve. Like Roger, I enjoyed the byline full of helpful information. Thanks for the reminder that some planning goes a long way.

Tom H
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Re: The Great Red Spot says "Hi"

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Nice image, Steve! (and yes I rolled back away from it...neat trick :-)

In the eyepiece this year I've been finding that the elongated nature of the GRS is being highlighted accentuated by those dark streamers surrounding it, which are new (or maybe just different) for this apparition. (The GRS has endured a lot of flack in recent years for allegedly shrinking, so the Jupitonians must've got together to do something about it...apparently dark garland was the answer).

Anyway, that 'garland' isn't so easily differentiated in the visual view, so is adding to the apparent size and oval shape of the feature.

Mike M.
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