USA 193 zooms over!

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USA 193 zooms over!

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Hey Guys,

I got home last night in time to see 193 fly by, probably for the last time.
It was moving fast from SW to NNE at about magnitude 2.0. My imagination and the speed gave the impression it was in a low orbit. In reality it was still higher than the STS.
I did get a poor image of it passing by Cassiopeia, due to under exposure. I've been spoiled by the ease of shooting the very bright ISS. If the shot is greatly improved when I see it stacked, I'll post it in the IS.

I have to learn to be happy with just seeing satellites pass over, without getting a photo.

A 2nd mag. zoomer needs more exposure (higher ISO, in my case) to give it time to register on the camera, just as meteors do. I was trying to cut down on the moonlight effect with USA 193. The stars came out fine, but this was because they weren't moving and had time to register. Maybe after another 35 years of grabbing satellites, this will stick in my memory bank!

This was an easy, fun target.

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Good for you Bill. I was out with newguys Matt & Jeff and they may have seen 193, but I didn't. We did catch Iridium 59 an hour later though.
Pete P.