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Oldest and Rarest

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My other addiction to this other than observing is collecting meteorites. A few days ago (after some negotiations) I received a slice of perhaps one of the oldest and rarest meteorites ever discovered. It is known as Erg Chech 002. What makes this meteorite so special is not only is it estimated to be 4.6 billion years old but that it is also volcanic (lava) rock from a destroyed proto planet.

This excerpt is taken from the Meteoritical Bulletin Database:
Physical characteristics: The stones under classification (combined weight 31.783 kg) lack fusion crust, and have an overall relatively coarse grained, tan and beige appearance with sporadic larger green, yellow-green and less commonly yellow-brown crystals (up to 9 cm by 4 cm in some specimens). Some minor reddish-brown staining is evident in the groundmass regions. This classification is based on direct analysis of samples from the 1839 g stone augmented by examination of photographs and descriptions of other stones found with them.
Erg Chech 002 (3).jpg
Erg Chech 002 (3).jpg (213.53 KiB) Viewed 285 times
At the very top of the image you can clearly see one of these green crystals mention in the characteristics section along with other decerning features that makes this meteorite legitimate. As always for anyone that might decide to buy a meteorite. Do your research, buy from a reputable dealer and always be sure you get a certificate of authenticity. I also try to buy from dealers that offer a refund if I am not satisfied.

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Re: Oldest and Rarest

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I've got a few myself but this one is truly beautiful.
Pete P.
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Re: Oldest and Rarest

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Very cool Paul
Rose A.
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