A true ASSNE scope

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A true ASSNE scope

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A true 4 person scope.
220426 Greg stone 4inch s.jpg
220426 Greg stone 4inch s.jpg (797.17 KiB) Viewed 1409 times
Tripod: Mark's garage
AZ mount: Greg Stone with some Pete mounting hardware
102 mm Celestron f/9.8 Nexstar: Greg Stone's garage
Diagonal: Greg Stone
Eyepiece: George Huftalen
Red dot finder: Greg Stone with Pete's elastic bands

Last week Greg cleaned house and brought over some miscellaneous astro equipment including two refractors that will be popular as class loaner scopes. With the UMD outreach coming up in 2 weeks I spent a couple of hours assembling this rig. Can't manage the big SCT setups any more but I think that this is gonna be fun.

Greg isn't out of astronomy. He kept the scope he uses. And hopefully he'll drop by the May 6th event. My thanks to all.
Pete P.
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