Ode to a Double Star

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Ode to a Double Star

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Ode to a Double Star

‘Twas the eve of Thanksgiving
And the skies they were clear
While most were hustling and bustling
Family, I was near

My scope at the ready
Target list in hand
Jupiter was seen so steady
Nice and high above the land

Many views very satisfying
A splendid evening indeed
But none would be so gratifying
As the star Gamma And

200, 400, 700 times
The powers we explored
But that pesky “C” component
Would not be implored

Somehow I knew it wouldn’t
By I tried anyway
Push the pedal to the metal
That’s what I always say

Slow motion controls
Never moved so fast
Twisting, turning every second
I knew it couldn’t last

The 6” glass can’t do it
Theoretically they say
But I kept trying and trying
Keeping my doubts at bay

Nothing ventured, nothing gained
It’s a saying of old
To live by it is to live
Glory goes to the bold

Alas I had to accept
That the laws of physics I can’t break
But just the effort of trying
Was nothing less than great!

Happy Thanksgiving To All!
"The purpose of life is the investigation of the Sun, the Moon, and the heavens." - Anaxagoras
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Re: Ode to a Double Star

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Well done Mike, you are a man of many talents!
Bruce D
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Re: Ode to a Double Star

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Pete P.
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Re: Ode to a Double Star

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You're the Best, Mike.

Very nice work, I must agree, especially when it gives pleasure to me!

Tony T.

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