Playing with the Spring Moon

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Playing with the Spring Moon

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Hello Guys,

The "first night of Spring moon" at 5.6% illumination was trying to show up Venus tonight and did a good job.
I can't seem to just look at sky stuff anymore so here's a couple of photos. I know some of you were out there too.

I used the Sony attached to my ETX 90 through a MaxView 40mm EP. Unguided, so you might detect a little motion.



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Bruce D
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beautiful, I especially like the first picture, just a tiny sliver
Bruce D
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Dark Helmet
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I also caught the Moon last night with Venus and the Earthshine was spectacular! Best I have seen in a long time and with Venus to the upper left it was a cool sight to see. Too bad though I was on the road and without my camera.

james and james mceachern

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Venus and the moon was awesome last night. I took a few pictures with my camera, but it was hard to keep it steady without a mount. But one picture came out nice.

Ed Roach

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A couple of fine images Bill! I think I need to get myself a digital camera. :D

Clear & steady skies,
Ed Roach