Here's what happens without an observing plan...

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Here's what happens without an observing plan...

Unread post by Pete » Sat Mar 10, 2007 2:37 pm

Friday, 9 Mar 07

Stepping out on the deck after dinner I find that the sky is transparent and the seeing is good. Didn’t plan on observing tonight, but its too nice a night to pass up.

19:44 hrs. Slewed the 14â€
Pete P.
Dan Chieppa
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Unread post by Dan Chieppa » Sat Mar 10, 2007 3:40 pm

Hi Pete,
Nice report as always. I was out on Friday as well. I used my 5-inch ETX and also had a great view of M42. At 190x I had the 4 stars of the Trapezium but nothing else. The 5th and 6th stars were no shows. Maybe in a darker sky?
I also viewed the Eskimo Nebula in Gemini at 76x and 118x. The contrast was improved with the use of a Meade Broadband filter.
Got the same high, thin clouds here so I shut down at 10:45PM.
It was a very nice observing session. The temp never went below 25 degrees and my feet stayed warm with the use of my new 40 degree socks. :lol:
Clear skies,
james and james mceachern

Unread post by james and james mceachern » Mon Mar 12, 2007 3:45 pm


Those two stars that you observed next to Sirius must have been the single star that I mistook for the Pup. After my realization that I didn't see the Pup, I did research and found how really hard it is. I shouldn't have come to such fast conclusions when I was searching for the Pup. But I'm happier now that I know I didn't get the Pup, because now I want it even more than ever. Besides, it seemed to easy to be true anyways. This Pup truely lives up to its reputation. It looks like you might get the Pup next time. Keep up the fight, and keep up these awesome reports. :D