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Notes From The Field - LaLunaZooma

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Trying a new way of posting reports by scanning my notes page into an image, first try;
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Keep Looking Up!

Mike M.
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Re: Notes From The Field - LaLunaZooma

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Scintillating report, Mike!!

As you know, seeing conditions were rather poor last night. But you were still fortunate enough to visually catch the ray of sunlight within Hesiodus.

I went back to revisit my video. This time I concentrated specifically on the target region while processing.

Although not as sharp as I'd like, I am still pleased with this new result.

I like how the beam of sunshine widens as it gets further from the split in the crater wall.

I compare it to the beam of a flashlight, which widens as it gets further from the source.

Hint, hint: This is a perfect topic to be shared during the Coffeehouse conversation.

Hesiodus Sunbeam.jpg
Hesiodus Sunbeam.jpg (730.43 KiB) Viewed 153 times
Steve L
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