Mercury Transit

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Mercury Transit

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I started off the morning at 6:30am very excited by the prospect of seeing Mercury transit the sun and also seeing the planet Mercury for the very first time. Looking out my back deck things looked real grim. I was under a full bank of clouds as far as I could see. I reluctantly set up my PST thinking that this was not going to happen.

At about 8:30am I started to notice breaks in the clouds and as time went on I could see a leading edge of clouds moving away to expose the sun. I grabbed the tripod with the PST on it and got it into position. By 9:00am the sun was out of the clouds and I started observing. I personally was not expecting to see much with a 40mm PST. Initially I was correct, It had been awhile since I had observed with the PST and I was not use to dialing it in. I managed to dial it in and focus it to a prominence field leaving the surface of the sun blank. There it was, almost at the center line of the sun. A single black dot. It was incredibly small and it took some fine focusing to make it jump out against the surface of the sun.

Over the course of an hour I observed Mercury with both a 12mm and 18mm Coronado eyepieces. I also used the 2x barlow that comes with the Coronado set and was amazed by the clarity of what I was observing knowing it would have been a lot better it the sun was not in hazy clouds. At about 10:00am another bank of clouds moved in and I packed it up but didn't break down in case conditions improved. Conditions never improved enough to warrant me bringing the PST back out. I was very pleased with the outcome of finally seeing Mercury for the very first time and seeing it transit the sun at the same time.

I do have to say this is one of the few times I was happy that the sun was not active. Sunspots would have made this event difficult with such a small aperture. Oh and I should end by saying I did observe one small prominence, besides that the sun was very quiet.

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Re: Mercury Transit

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Nice report, Paul. Thanks for sharing. 8)
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Re: Mercury Transit

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Good effort Paul!
Bruce D
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