About Us

Welcome! The Astronomical Society of Southern New England (ASSNE) is a non-profit association of amateur astronomers, founded in 1995. We observe and socialize together and provide community outreach on all things astronomy in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts.

Our membership represents a wide range of astronomical interests. We have visual observers and star hoppers, asteroid and comet hunters, variable star & exoplanet observers, sun/moon/planet enthusiasts, telescope/observatory builders, and astrophotographers. Above all, we have one thing in common; a passion for astronomy. Our club motto is to educate and inspire, and we strive to do that on a continuing basis. We teach each other and we learn from each other. We share our adventures and triumphs, and we inspire others to try new things.

ASSNE also is committed to spreading the joy of astronomy. Our members donate countless volunteer hours through observing nights and educational/outreach programs for schools, libraries, non-profit organizations, and our communities. We participate in monthly outreach events at Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary (Mass Audubon) and the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth and host an annual Astronomy Day event in Barrington, RI.

To see our upcoming public observing nights and meetings (which are also open to the public), click on "Events."  See our FAQ for more on membership and joining the club. We encourage you to come visit us and get to know us "under the stars"!

Club Activities

  • Monthly meetings with speakers and activities (and observing, weather permitting) (public)
  • Annual Astronomy Day event (public)
  • Monthly community observing at Moose Hill and U-Mass Dartmouth (public)
  • Meetup  community outreach group (public)
  • Library telescope sponsorship
  • Active forum for all things astronomy
  • Annual three-day camping/observing trip (members)
  • Annual cookout and holiday potluck (members)
  • Loaner telescope equipment (members)
  • Access to observing locations (members)
  • Annual group Stellafane trip (members)

2022-2023 Officers
President: Mark Munkacsy * Vice President: Roger Menard
Treasurer: Rebekah Bartlett * Secretary: Rose Amaral

Group Observing
Public Outreach



Star Parties
Annual Cookout

In Memoriam (our members who have since joined the starry sky): George Huftalen, Don Bullard, Anthony Medeiros, Danny Chieppa, Trig Tronstad, Richard Didick, Ed Couture.